Prospective Students

When you attend a DEALC-accredited secondary online institution, you are attending a secondary school that has undergone a rigorous process that evaluates online education delivery and highest quality. DEALC delivers above and beyond quality results and sets high standards for member institutions.

DEALC-accredited institutions focus on online secondary high school program offerings. Students who attend a DEALC-accredited school can expect to engage in a learning environment that stresses the importance of earning a standard high school diploma. Students have the ability, but not guaranteed, to get a better job and can further their education onto traditional schools and career colleges.

More importantly, students can rely upon the accreditation process to hold DEALC-accredited online high school institutions accountable for providing the training and services necessary to assist students to be successful in acquiring a high school diploma, find a better job and furthering their education.

Although DEALC member institutions cannot guarantee anything, nor can any institution for that matter; prospective students interested in attending an institution accredited by DEALC or ANY type of online institutions are always encouraged to work directly with their institution of interest to garner a better understanding of the admission requirements, the school’s mission, the school's online high school educational program offerings, tuition, transfer of credit criteria’s; as well as the school's student services including college advising assistance.