Welcome to DEALC

The Distance Education and Adult Learning Council (DEALC) is a private, non-profit organization that was founded by a group of educators in 1967. With over forty five (45) years of operational excellence; DEALC operates as a national accreditor for online; distance education learning institutions. In addition, the accreditation covers all online activities within each institution and provides a source of nationally recognized accreditation on the secondary school level. Our website is designed to be a central resource for all those interested in the high school distance education accreditation process. This site will benefit students, administrators, educators, secondary institutions and the public.

The Distance Education and Adult Learning Council (DEALC) is not only an accrediting agency but a pioneer in reforming the online high school criteria and standards. DEALC focuses on improving the quality of education across all secondary distance education schools in the nation and providing standards that meet and exceed the status quo; moving the bar to higher levels to stimulate self-evaluation of online learning institutions nationwide.

DEALC offers accreditation to online schools throughout the nation and governed by a board of commissioners on the secondary school level.